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Set up in 1991 on the occasion of the Zurich World Music Festival, the ensemble aequatuor sees itself as an open-minded group, paying attention to each member's individuality, performing < from solo to aequatuor > and exclusively committed to modern music.  Since its creating, Aequatuor has built up an ever-growing repertoire made to measure, through ordering new works and adapting the instrumentation of existing pieces.

Sylvia Nopper studied with Eva Bornernann (Mainz) and Kurt Widmer (Basel).  Working in close collaboration with several composers, including Heinz Holliger, Jürg Wyttenbach and Detlev Müller-Siemens. Sylvia Nopper appears frequently with chamber music groups such as the Vienna Klangforum, the Ensemble Recherche and in the field of live electronic music with the Basel Electric Art Messengers (BEAM).

Matthias Arter has studied with Thomas Indermühle (Zurich) and Heinz Holliger (Freiburg-in-Breisgau). His musical activity is dominated by chamber music, unaccompanied solo concerts and free improvisation. CD recordings under labels such as Col Legno and en avant.  Matthias Arter is also active as a composer and conductor and teaches a professional oboe class at the Bern Conservatory.

Ingrid Karlen has studied in Zurich, Basel (with Jürg Wyttenbach) and Paris (with Claude Helffer).  She has given concerts in Europe, the United States, Ukraine, New Zealand and China, both as soloist and as chambar musician.  CD-recording by ECM Records, featuring music by Ustvolskaja, Boulez, Silverstrow and Webern.  She teaches at the Zurich Conservatory.

Tobias Moster has studied in Lyons and Basel with Reine Flachot, Radu Aldulescu and Thomas Demenga. Very much involved with contemporary music, Tobias Moster performs with the Kontext Ensemble Basel, the Opus Novum Luceme, the Aarau Musical Moments and the cello trio from the Thürmchen Ensemble Cologne. He gives concerts in many European countries, Australia and New Zealand.

Phonography: "RADIO AEQUATUOR"

Homepage: www.aequatuor.ch

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