AMAR Quartett / D.Zappa - H.Bärtschi - M.Weber - A.Brunner AMAR QUARTETT,

a young string quartet from Zurich, Switzerland, was founded by sisters Anna Brunner and Maja Weber and performs with Daria Zappa and Hannes Baertschi.

On the occasion of Paul Hindemith's 100th birthday in 1995, the ensemble was given the oportunity to adopt the famous name AMAR QUARTETT. In the 1920s, it was Hindemith himself who played the viola in this quartet, named after its leader Licco Amar. Aside from playing a standard quartet repertoire, the quartet pays special attention to the works of this German composer.

In June 1998, the current AMAR QUARTETT received a Special Prize at the International String Quartet Competition in Cremona, Italy for the interpretation of Hindemith's string quartet no. 4. In the same year, they won First Prize at the 6th International String Quartet Competition in Bubenreuth, Germany. In April 1999, the AMAR QUARTETT was invited to participate in the “Encounters” with Isaac Stern at the Cologne Philharmonic. Also in Spring 1999, they won the Swiss chamber music competition hosted by Migros in Zurich, and in September 1999, the Swiss Orpheus Promotion Prize. In February 2000, they won Second Prize in addition to a Special Prize for the best interpretation of a string quartet by Ernst Krenek at the 3rd International String Quartet Competition in Graz, Austria. Of particular importance to the AMAR QUARTETT was the “Millennium Award” received at the London International String Quartet Competition in 2000. Last but not least, they received Second Prize at the Geneva International Competition in November 2001.

In September 1999, in recognition of their extensive concert activity, the Habisreutinger Foundation of Gersau, Switzerland, has loaned the AMAR QUARTETT a set of four Stradivarius instruments which have been with the group ever since.

From 1998 until 2001, they regularly studied with the Alban Berg Quartett in Cologne.


Phonography: "Paul Hindemith - AMAR QUARTETT/take off", "P.H. - A.Q./hommage", "P.H. - A.Q./Perpetuum M.", "Ch. Koechlin vol.2"



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