"en avant"  –  a step ahead.
Our products are more than just storage space  –  indeed, they convey the flow of time. Artistic ideas lead us to trace links from Bach to Bartók, Schönberg to Boulez or indeed Schönberg to Cage without levelling aesthetic differences but synchronising sound and idea.

Interpretation starts with a program idea. The extensive mutual inspiration of all persons involved opens a creative space for exceptional artistic solutions. The musicians of  "en avant records" know how to tell stories between sounds and boast a rhythmical truth far from the stubborn reign of a metronome: Beyond mere beauty, they lure an irresistible, intrinsic magic of a logical phrase. With your commitment we’ll have reached the last step of interpretation.

"en avant records" wants to be part of a living art. We aim to bring original ideas with original state of the art reproduction to a broad public. We do not accept the boundaries of common repertoire nor those of ordinary listening habits. It is time to take our habits step for step onto new areas, allowing daring programs and striking sound pictures. These ideas are mirrored in the art of our graphic designers.

To produce projects of consequence  –  to allow "carte blanche" to all our artists  –  to make you perceive all different kinds of expression thus being a mirror of our time: this is the aim of

"en avant"  –  a step ahead.

November 1996