Egidius Streiff was born in 1967 and grew in the Swiss countryside, youngest child of family in which music assumed its natural importance alongside architecture, literature, dream and art. At the age of twelve he began to play the violin. By the time he was sixteen he was  studding with Hansheinz Schneeberger and wanted to become... actor.

Egidius Streiff

< Until I actually decided against drama, I was determined to act. Indeed, what I learned from Pater Adalbert Züllig OSB (Streiff attended the humanistic school of the monastery at Einsiedeln) complemented what I learned from Schneeberger >. Late, whilst studying in London with David Takeno, he met György Kurtag who taught him how his dramatic ability enhance his music making.

Since then, Streiff's passion for new approaches to classical, contemporary and live-electronic music has established him as a much sought-after violinist. Tours to South America, Russia and Japan as well as tv and radio broadcasts bear witness to his varied activity.


Phonography: "Papa Bach", "Fantasie"


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