Imke Frank

Stuttgart born Imke Frank started playing the cello at the age of seven and soon proved her extraordinary talent with solo performances and distinctions.  Noticed by Boris Pergamenshikow at an early age, he invited her to join his prestigious solo class in Cologne.  She later pursued her studies with Heinrich Schiff and Thomas Demenga in Basel, where she obtained a «soloist's diploma» with distinction.

Prize winner in the «Vittorio Gui» international competition and the «Festival des jeunes solistes in Bordeaux», in 1998 Imke Frank as a member of the «Musikforum Zug» was awarded the much sought after Marguerite de Redding prize, Cellist of the Isos Quartet founded by Isabelle van Keulen (which has released a CD of the Bruch quartets), and solo cellist of the «Camerata Bern», Imke Frank has already gained immense recognition for her of contemporary music.  She regularly performs as soloist with prestigious symphony orchestras throughout Europe, the U.S.A. and Asia and is invited to numerous international music festivals.

Among her chamber music partners are: Th. Demenga, H. Schneeberger, G. Wyss, A. Chumachenko, V. Mandelssohn, M. Collins and B. Boller.  She has also proven her musical versatility with solo cello performances for the highly acclaimed prize-winning sound tracks of «Jenseits der Stille» (Beyond the Silence) and Das Böse (The Evil).

Phonography: "Aus den Fugen"


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