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We - en avant - provide with this web site a totally new multimedia platform. 

  • Here, you can follow the process of creation of a work through all stages of development, from the present state back to the state of origin
  • Here, you can experience in real time the development process of "works in progress" of various artists 
  • Here, you make use of your knowledge and talent in contributing to the further development of a work 

The project presented here stems from an original work. All forms of expression are workable. It is the first time that such a work can be presented as a multimedia whole. Helped by the data bank, this presentation enables both an analytical and intuitive registration of such an interdisciplinary work. The original work is at everyone's disposal for further multimedia development. 

All the data to be found in our data bank is filed according to a logical and clear order. By following our instructions, you will easily have access to all available materials, which can be downloaded. It's then up to you to give your inspiration free rein. 

The discussion "Forum" is open to all people interested. This meeting point is an important element when it comes to decisions regarding a work. 

Anybody inspired by a work, in any form or manner, and who wishes to make his contribution a subject of discussion on our web site may register as a participant. As well as the artistic material, this person will receive the databank on request and further help by arrangement. 

Your contributions may be presented on this web site and might also be published on other media. The present site is an "interactive platform" offering all artists and people interested the possibility of participating in a work's multimedia elaboration, enlargement or further development. All forms of art are taken into account. 

All contributions, representing all forms of art, are on principle presented. The choice and contractual assignment of the contributions to a given work are carried out according to the "Rules of the game". A choice of contributions will again be published here as "source of inspiration". 

In case publication on other media, such as DVD, our subsidiary company "en avant records" will take care of the distribution. 

Be active, even interactive!